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official-dealer_logoThroughout the world, Trenchers represent the most effective tool for open cut excavation activities and the laying of underground services (water, sewer, gas, telecommunications, fibre optics, electricity, etc.).
Companies taking advantage of this technology develop a huge productivity advantage over competitors.
The use of Trenchers reduces costs and increases the hourly and daily production.
A well-organized construction site with a Trencher at work simply gets more work done in less time. Long distance excavations are completed with the maximum economic profit in all types of soil. We offer a wide range of used Trencher ready for work, and the operational and technical advice required to optimize its use.


Overcoming natural or artificial obstacles, avoiding traffic problems and waste and restoration costs in many countries is possible thanks to HDD technology (Horizontal Directional Drilling). The advantages of this technology are obvious, and in some conditions it represents the only feasible solution (think about a watercourse crossing). Rivers, highways and similarly challenging places are no longer a problem. For countries who have to develop their infrastructure system quickly, these technologies are crucial.
Companies equipped with these machines will have a significant competitive advantage.


In Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, many countries are experiencing vigorous economic and social growth. Infrastructure and construction will continue to grow through offering a remarkable entrepreneurial development potential. In general, all Western European countries have mature economies with a surplus of machinery ready to be used.
Earthmoving equipment, concrete mixers, concrete pumps and used machines in general, can be decisive for the growth of many companies in many countries. We leverage years of work and knowledge in this area to identify the best opportunities providing our brokerage services, training, support and operational advice.